‘As you type’ spell checking

You can set up ‘As you type’ spell checking. This may be familiar to you if you use Microsoft Word or other similar applications, where any misspelled words are underlined to inform you that you have made a mistake. To use ‘As you type’ spelling, you configure the required attributes to use this option using the Object Designer component. For example, the Description attribute on the Process business object.

If you enable this option on the Process business objects, then this is inherited on all of the sub-business objects. For example, Incident, Task, Problem and so on.

Spell checking is unavailable if the culture is set to Japanese or Chinese.

To configure the As you type spell checking:
  1. Start the Object Designer component.
  2. Open the required business object, and on the Attributes tree, select the required attribute.
  3. On the Properties grid, alongside the As You Type Spell Check property, select True.
  4. Click .
  5. Repeat as required. For example, on the Text attribute in the Note business object.

Now, when a user misspelled a word in the Details field on the Incident window, it is underlined in red.