Data filtering using a runtime value

When setting up data filtering, as an alternative to using a filter query, you can specify a runtime value (for example, to select the Primary Group for the Raise User).

To specify a runtime value as a filter rule:
  1. Display the Attribute Filter Selectors dialog for the required business object (for more information, see Data filtering).
  2. Click New Filter Rule.
    The Attribute Filter Selector dialog appears.
  3. Click the Select a runtime value option button, then click .
    The Select Runtime Value dialog appears.
  4. Navigate to and select the required value, then click OK.
    The filter path is selected and the Attribute Filter Selector dialog appears.
  5. In the Select client type group box, select Any or Web Access only, then click OK.
    The filter rule is added. Note that the Type is set to Path.
  6. Add any further filter rules, and optionally any filter rule conditions (see here) you require, then click OK on the Attribute Filter Selectors dialog.
  7. Save the changes to the object.