Location awareness

The Location Aware behavior enables you to store location services data for an object. Example uses of this include automatically recording the longitude and latitude of the device used to log or update a request, or logging the location when a user logs on.

Once an object has been made location-aware, you cannot remove this behavior.

This functionality is available in Web Access and Ivanti Workspaces. It is not available in the console. The user needs to allow their system to use their current location.

Setting the privilege for location awareness

The GeoLocation object in the System module stores the location services data for all of the location aware objects in your database.

You need to update all roles to give them the Create privilege for this object if you are going to enable location awareness.

To set the required privilege for location awareness:
  1. In the Administration component, expand the User Management tree.
  2. Select a role in the tree, then in the Actions list, click Privileges.
    The Privileges tree appears.
  3. Expand the System folder, then double-click Non-Process Related Objects.
    The privileges list appears.
  4. Set the Create column for the GeoLocation object to by double-clicking the icon if required.
  5. Repeat this procedure for all of the other roles.

Making an object location aware

When you have set the privileges for location awareness, you can add the Location Aware behavior to the objects that you want to record location data for using Object Designer.

To make a business object location aware:
  1. In Object Designer, open the required business object.
  2. Select the object at the top of the Attributes tree, then click alongside Behaviors in the Properties grid.
    The Behavior Selection dialog appears.
  3. Click Location Aware in the Available Items list, then click .
    Location Aware moves to the Selected Items list.
  4. Click OK, then save the changes.
    The object is now location aware, and any change to any instances of that object will have location services data stored for it in the System\GeoLocation object.

You can use the data stored in System\GeoLocation in reports and queries.