Associating an optional action with a status

You can associate one or more optional actions with each status. This enables users to create notes, reminders and so on at any stage throughout the process.

As with all actions, you can enable parent-child propagation on an optional action.

To associate an optional action with a status:
  1. In the Process Designer component, open the relevant process.
  2. Select the required status.
  3. In the Properties grid, alongside Optional Action Instances, click .
    The Optional Action Instances dialog appears.

You can add any number of optional actions for each status.

  1. In the Available Action Instances list, double-click the required action.
    The actions appear in the Selected Action Instances list.

You can associate default values for the action. You do this in the same way as specifying values for automatic actions. For more information, see Automatic actions.

  1. If you want to specify that the action is replicated on all child instances, then alongside the Propagate Action to Children property, select True.
  2. If you want to change the name of the action that appears in the Actions list, then alongside the Title property, type the required name.
  3. Click OK to associate the selected actions with the status.
  4. Click .