You can add decisions to a process. Decisions evaluate a condition and then direct the process to different outcomes depending on whether or not the condition is met.

Adding a decision to a process

The process rules for decisions are:

To view the properties of a condition used by a decision in a process diagram, right-click the decision, then click Condition Properties.

To add a decision to a process:
  1. In the Process Designer component, open the required process.
  2. On the Toolbox tab, drag Decision onto the workspace.
    The Select Condition dialog appears.
  3. Select the relevant condition, then click OK.
    The Decision appears on the workspace.

If there is not a suitable condition, click New on the Select Condition dialog to display the Create New Condition dialog.

The first link that you create from a decision is the Yes result. The second is the No result.

  1. Link the Decision to the Yes result, then link the Decision to the No result.
  2. Repeat as required, then click .