Preconditions ensure that specific conditions are met before a process can progress. When the precondition is satisfied, then the next step in the process becomes available to a user. For example, in the standard Incident process, you can close the Incident only after all tasks are at an End state.

Adding a precondition to a process

The process rules for preconditions are:

To view the properties of a condition in a process diagram, right-click it, then click Condition Properties.

To add a precondition to a process:
  1. In the Process Designer component, open the relevant process.
  2. On the Toolbox tab, drag Precondition onto the workspace.
    The Select Condition dialog appears.
  3. Select the relevant precondition, then click OK.
    The precondition appears on the workspace.

If there is not a suitable condition, click New on the Select Condition dialog to display the Create New Condition dialog.

  1. Repeat as required, then click .