Adding option buttons and custom lists to a window

Option buttons and custom lists provide a convenient method of selecting one of a selection of options. You can choose how to display those options. If you have plenty of space available on the window you are designing, you may choose to use option buttons. If you do not have much available space, then choosing a list may be preferable. Option buttons and lists both a set of values of which you can select only one, but they are just displayed differently.

Before you can add option buttons or a custom list to a window, you need to have created an attribute with the data type of a number (Int16 or Int32), and added the items that you want to appear as option buttons or within the custom list. For information about creating attributes, see Creating items for option buttons and lists.

To add an option button or custom list to a window:
  1. Start the Window Manager component.
  2. Open the required window, then expand the Attributes tree.
  3. Add the required attribute to the window.
    Initially it appears as a list.
  4. If you want option buttons to appear rather than a list, then select the list, then expand the Properties grid.
  5. Alongside Display as Option Button property, select True if you want to create option buttons, or select False if you want to create a list.
    The list or option buttons are added to the window.
  6. Size as required.

If you have created a set of option buttons, they appear within a group box.

  1. Click .