Adding labels to a window

If you cannot fully convey what type of information is required for that control, consider either renaming the control, or putting some static text onto the window itself to guide the user through the process of completing the information on the window. This is known as a label.

To add a label to a window:
  1. Open the relevant window, and expand the Controls tree.
  2. Click Label then click the Window Editor.
    The control appears on the window.
  3. Expand the Properties grid, then alongside the Text property, type the text that you want to appear on the window.
  4. Alongside the Text Alignment property, select the required location. You can choose from the horizontal values of Top, Middle and Bottom and the vertical values of Left, Center and Right.

The default alignment for labels is Middle Right. This is set in the System Settings, and you can change it if required.

  1. Resize and position the control as required.
  2. Click .