Window definitions for Web Access

Ivanti Web Access is the delivery platform for the web clients Ivanti Web Desk and Ivanti Self Service. These applications provide a rich user interface through a web browser for analysts and end-users respectively. For more information, see the separate Ivanti Web Access, Web Desk, and Self Service documentation.

Ivanti Web Access displays windows in a different way from the Ivanti Console. Whereas the windows for the Console are displayed with the controls positioned at fixed positions (absolute positioning), Web Access windows are displayed on a grid layout so that the controls resize as you resize the browser window.

You design only one set of window definitions in Window Manager – the absolute-positioned windows, which you can then make available to Web Access in grid-layout form if required (for more information, see Making windows available to Web Access). Within Window Manager you can test the appearance of both types of window.

If you do not make a window available to Web Access, then Web Access creates the window automatically if it ever needs it. The main disadvantage of this is that you have no control over which fields appear on the window or on the window's layout.

Advice for window design for Web Access and Workspaces

The advice given below will help you to use Window Manager to optimize the appearance of your windows in Web Access and Workspaces.

For more information about group boxes, see Adding group boxes to a window.

In the example above, the top group box in each column is considered to be in the same row, so they are drawn the same height in Web Access, with the two remaining group boxes drawn below.

If you nest the three group boxes on the left inside another group box, Web Access draws the two larger group boxes the same height.

Setting the minimum number of lines shown in multi-line text boxes

To help you to identify empty multi-line text boxes in Web Access, they initially appear on screen with a small number of lines available, which you can configure. If you do not set a Minimum Lines value for a text box in Window Manager, the text box is displayed with two lines in Web Access.

To set the minimum number of lines shown in multi-line text box:
  1. In the Ivanti Console, start Window Manager and open the required window design.
  2. Select the required multi-line text box, then display the Properties grid.
  3. Alongside the Minimum Lines (Web Access) property, enter the minimum number of lines that you want to be shown for a multi-line text box in Web Access, then save the changes.