There are a variety of connectors for different data source types (for example Ivanti Endpoint Manager or Active Directory) that you can use to set up connections to multiple data sources.

We recommend that if you connect to a large data source such as eDirectory or Active Directory, then you set up your connections on the same computer as your Service Desk Framework.

To access your asset information, you need to set up connection types for each connection.

For more information about connection types, see Connection types.

When you test the connection that you have created, the Console must be able to access the data source that you are connecting to. If you use the connection for a scheduled data import (see Data Import), then the Service Desk Framework must be able to access it. You also need to ensure that the relevant permissions are set for the file and its location. We recommend that you set up the connection using a UNC path that is accessible from both the web server running the Service Desk Framework and the client.

Not all external data sources provide the same paging and sorting capabilities, so queries written against external data sources might not provide these features in Service Desk or Asset Manager queries.