Converting attribute values

You can transform the data imported from the source attributes. For example, you may want truncate numbers, or change the case of items.

When you convert attribute values, the attribute icon changes from the attribute icon – – to the convert attribute values icon – .

You cannot change the case, truncate or remove the whitespace of a target key attribute, as this will compromise the key information. However, you can transform the data of a source attribute that is mapped to a target key attribute.

For example, if you are importing information about books, and you set up the ISBN attribute as the target key attribute, then truncating the target information will invalidate any searches you perform on the imported values. However, if you require this information to appear in uppercase within the target key attribute, then you can transform the information in the mapped source attribute:

We recommend that you map your target key attributes to a string field that can completely contain the information, for example one of 256 characters in length.

To convert attribute values:
  1. Start Data Import.
  2. Open the relevant Import Configuration.
  3. On the Target attributes tree, select the required attribute.
    You can select either the target attribute, or the mapped source attribute.
  4. On the Actions list, click Convert Attribute Values.
    The Default Attribute Conversions dialog appears.

Alternatively, right-click the required attribute, then click Convert Attribute Values.

The Default Attribute Conversions dialog box changes depending upon the type of data you want to transform. For example, whether the data is a text string or a number.

  1. Set the attribute conversions as required, then click OK.
    When the data is imported, it is automatically converted according to your requirements.