Specifying a process when importing data

When you import data into an object that has processes associated with it, such as Change, Customer, or (if you are using Asset Manager) Configuration Item, you can specify the process that you want to use for the items that you are importing.

To specify a process when importing data:
  1. Start the Data Import component and open the required mapping from the Import Mappings tree.
  2. On the Target Attributes tree, right-click the business object, then click Set Lifecycle.
    The Lifecycle dialog appears.
  3. In the Lifecycle list, select the process that you want to use with the imported data, then click OK.
    Only activated processes appear in the list.
  4. Save the changes to the import.
    The next time the import runs, the imported data will use the selected process.

If you do not select the process that you want to use for imported data, the process that is set as the Default in Process Designer is used.

You can map an attribute from the source onto the Status for the target to ensure that the imported item is imported to the correct place on its process.