Setting the license type when importing analysts

When you configure a data import of analysts, you can set which type of license will be allocated to the analysts being imported. If you can identify which type of license each analyst will have in your external data source, then you could configure two scheduled imports: one for analysts with fixed licenses and one for analysts with concurrent licenses.

You cannot import more analysts with fixed licenses than your license key allows. If Data Import identifies more analysts with fixed licenses than are allowed, it will import only those up to the limit of the license key; the remaining analyst records in the external data source will not be imported.

To set the default user license type during data import:
  1. Start the Data Import component, and from the Import Mappings tree, open the required analyst import mapping.
  2. Right-click Analyst at the top of the Target Attributes tree, then click Set Default User License Type.
    The User License Type dialog appears.
  3. In the User License Type list, select Concurrent or Fixed as required, then click OK.
    The default user license type is set.
  4. Save the changes.