Trace levels

You can set the following trace levels to log information of a particular severity:

None – does not produce a log file.

Errors – logs errors only, including details about the function that failed, the exception that was raised, and the call stack (for pinpointing the area in the codebase where the problem occurred).

We recommend that you leave logging permanently switched to Errors so that you have an historical record of problems in the system.

Warnings – logs errors and warnings. Warnings include possible problems with configuration or user actions that may cause errors in the future.

Information – Errors, warnings and concise informational messages are logged.

All – logs errors, warnings and informational messages, including a record of all operations whether normal or not. For example, for the DatabaseAccess logging category all SQL statements are recorded in the log file.

The All level produces a lot of information and log files may consume a lot of disk space. We recommend that you do not leave logging permanently switched to All, unless you have a specific problem.