Sorting the results list

The sort order for a set of query results is indicated graphically in the column headers. A small arrow next to the column heading indicates the sort direction as well as which column is being sorted on.

You can change the sort attribute by clicking the column that you want to sort on. If you click a column that is already sorted, the direction of sorting is switched.

Alternatively, right-click the column header for the attribute, then click Sort ascending or Sort descending.

You can sort by more than one attribute by holding SHIFT while selecting the column headers. In this instance, the results are sorted by the column you first select, and then by the subsequently selected columns.

To specify the sort order using the keyboard, press the Up Arrow until the header row has focus, then use the Left and Right Arrows to change to the required column. When you have selected the required column, press ENTER to toggle the sorting for that column, or press the Application key () to display the context menu.