Stages of maintaining the Service Catalog

There are several stages involved in maintaining your Service Catalog, which you are guided through using a series of tabs at the top of the Service Catalog component.

Before you can maintain your Service Catalog, you may need to add the Service Catalog component to the Shortcut Bar in Console.
Right-click the required group in the Shortcut Bar, then click Add Component. In the Select Component list on the Component Maintenance dialog, select Service Catalog, then click OK.

Service Catalog Contents

The Service Catalog Contents tab enables you to specify which of the CIs in your system are to be made available through the Service Catalog. If you are following a strict ITIL methodology, only Business Services can be added to the Service Catalog.

Business or Technical

The Business or Technical tab enables you to specify which of the CIs in your system are Business Services (those services used by your end-users), and which are Technical Services (those services that are used by your analysts to provide the corresponding Business Service). For example, a common Business Service is E-mail, which would have many Technical Services required to deliver it, such as software, servers, network hardware, and so on.

Request Mode

The Request Mode tab enables you to specify which of the Services in your system can be requested only once by each user through the Service Catalog, and which can be requested many times. For example, a specific software program might be available for each user only once, whereas requesting access to different shared network drives could be requested many times.


The Bundles tab enables you to group services together into a Bundle, which can then be requested by end-users as a single item from the Service Catalog.

Catalog Hierarchy

The Catalog Hierarchy tab enables you to define the structure that is used to display the Service Catalog to end-users. You can build a hierarchy with many levels and allocate your services to these levels to help your end-users to find the items that they require more easily.


The Publishing tab enables you to define which groups and roles have access to which services in the Service Catalog. This enables you to control access to the different services, so that services are available only to those users who are entitled to them.