Using the Shopping Cart

If the Shopping Cart has been enabled in Service Catalog, then the Request Service link is replaced by an Add to Cart link so that you can select a number of items from the Service Catalog to request at the same time. The Requests for the individual Services are not raised until you Check Out.

For information about enabling the Shopping Cart, see Enabling the Shopping Cart.

To use the Shopping Cart:
  1. In the Service Catalog, click Add to Cart alongside the item you want to request.
    The New Request window appears.
  2. Complete the window as required, then click:
    Add to Cart to add the item to your Shopping Cart and redisplay the Service Catalog so that you can add further items
    Add to Cart and Check-out to add the item to your Shopping Cart and display the Shopping Cart Check Out page
  3. When you have finished adding items to your Shopping Cart, click View Cart at the top of the Service Catalog page.
    The Check Out page appears, listing the items in your Shopping Cart.

You can change the appearance of this page by adding a Reports Template called ServiceCatalogCartDisplay to the Configuration Item object using Object Designer.

You can remove items from your Shopping Cart by clicking Remove alongside them.

  1. Click Check Out at the top of the Service Catalog page.
    The Check-out Confirmation page appears, listing the Requests that have been raised.
  2. Click Continue to return to the Home page.

The Requests that have been raised are then progressed in the same way as any other Requests.