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What's New

Workspaces 2016.4

Global Enhancements

Manage Menu. Using the Manage Menu component, you can add and delete menu items in the menu groups that appear on the left of the screen in Workspaces. Currently, the only menu items you can manage are those for dashboards.

Manage Dashboards. Using the Manage Dashboards component, you can specify which groups and roles can view each dashboard, and access the dashboard designer. You can also set home dashboards.

Ivanti Asset Manager

Barcode reader. Using the iOS or Android Workspaces app with an Asset Manager license, you can use a gadget on a dashboard to read 1D or 2D barcodes and open the corresponding asset record from your database.

Ivanti Management Suite

Device Discovery. Using device discovery, you can collect discovery data from providers and display them in Workspaces. After configuring this service, You can monitor all aspects of discovered devices, such as hardware and software. Reconciliation rules are available for comparing device data and removing the risk of creating duplicate discovered device entries.

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