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Signing in to Ivanti Workspaces

To access Workspaces from your mobile device, you need to sign in.

To sign in to Ivanti Workspaces:
  1. In a browser, open http://<ServerName>/<servicedesk.BridgeIT>.
    Where <ServerName> is the name of the server where Service Desk or Asset Manager is installed, and <servicedesk.BridgeIT> is the application name specified for the BridgeIT application in the Ivanti Configuration Center.
    The Sign In page appears.
  2. Type your Username and Password, then click Sign In.
    The Workspaces home page appears.

If your BridgeIT application has the Logon policy set to Explicit only, then you sign in using your Service Desk or Asset Manager credentials; if it is set to Token only, you sign in with your network credentials.

To sign out, click the user name or icon at the top of the navigation bar, then click Sign Out. If your BridgeIT application has been configured to use the Token only logon policy, Sign Out is unavailable.

If you have logged in as an analyst that has a Current Group set on their user account, you can switch between groups. For more information about user groups, see the Administration section of the Service Desk or Asset Manager help.

To change group:
  1. At the top of the navigation bar, beneath the user icon, click .
    The groups that you are a member of appear.
  2. Click the group that you want to switch to.
    The home page appears and the available shortcuts and queries update for the new group.

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