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Themes in Workspaces

If you have the Administrators role, you can modify and switch between themes in Workspaces using the Themes page.

To change a theme:
  1. In the Administration section of the Workspaces navigation bar, click Theming.
    The Theme Properties page appears.
  2. Under Choose Theme, click the theme that you want to use.
    The user interface updates.
  3. If required, browse to or type the URL to the image files that you want to use for the Corporate Graphic (Logo), the Main Application Background Image, and the Login Screen Background Image, then click Update Theme.
    The theme updates for all users.
  4. If you selected Custom under Choose Theme, you can specify colors for different screen areas. To change a color, click the colored box next to the required item and then either choose a color from the palette displayed, or type the HEX Value.

For background images, we recommend that you use a *.svg file or a *.jpg file. Choose an image that is slightly larger than your target size if possible, to limit resizing by the browser. Be aware that choosing an image with a large file size can have a negative effect on load times. We also recommend choosing an image that is either mainly dark or mainly light, to improve the readability of any text overlaid on the image.

If you have added an image to your custom theme, you can also choose a color from a palette created from the image.

You can specify URLs to MP4 video files for the background images.

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