Barcode reader

If you are using the iOS or Android Workspaces app, and you have an Asset Manager license, you can use a gadget on a dashboard to read 1D or 2D barcodes and open the corresponding asset record from your database. If you have the appropriate privileges, you can then update the asset record.

For information about installing and configuring the Workspaces apps, see the Setup section of the Service Desk and Asset Manager help center.

For more information about using the Dashboard Designer in Workspaces, see Designing dashboards in Workspaces.

To configure the Barcode gadget
  1. Open the required dashboard in Dashboard Designer.
  2. Click Add New Gadget, then click Barcode.
    A panel appears that enables you to configure the gadget.
  3. Select the required module, then object.
    For example, Configuration Management and Configuration Item.
    The available queries for the object appear.
  4. Select the query that you want to use to list the results of barcode scans.
  5. In the Scan Attributes list, select the attributes that you want to search for the scanned barcodes, then click OK.
    The gadget is added to the dashboard.
  6. Save the changes to the dashboard.

After you have added a Barcode gadget to a dashboard, your users can use it to scan asset barcodes.

To scan a barcode
  1. Using the iOS or Android Workspaces app, open the dashboard that includes the Barcode gadget.
    The gadget has a Scan button above a list of the most recent scans from the previous 30 days.
  2. Tap Scan.
    The list updates to show the results of the configured query and a barcode scanning camera.
  3. Using the camera, scan the barcode.
    Your device vibrates to indicate that it has successfully scanned the barcode. The new scan appears at the top of the most recent scans list, from where you can access it for the next 30 days.