Accessing Your iQuate Database

iQuate is a third-party data provider that Workspaces allows integration with. By setting up this vendor-specific connector, you allow the querying of new or updated database entries from iQuate. These entries are then added to device discovery for reference and changes.

This connector cannot be used until device discovery is enabled.

To add iQuate as a data provider

1.Navigate to Administration > Manage Connectors.

2.Click Add Connector and select iQuate.

3.Select the newly-added iQuate connector and click the Details tab.

4.Enter the Server, Database, Username, Password, and Sync Schedule. This connector communicates directly with the iQuate database and not through an API, so you only need to add the database credentials. The Sync Schedule option defines how often the iQuate database is queried for updated or new data.

5.Click Save to retain the settings.