Discovery Reconciliation

When device data is submitted into the system from multiple sources, such as iQuate and Ivanti Management Service Inventory, Discovery Reconciliation allows you to set rules to determine if a device is new or already exists. You can identify specific information types to compare against Ivanti Management Suite and iQuate databases. If matching metadata isn't located, a new device entry is created.

This functionality is only accessible after you enable it from the Configuration Center. For more information, see the Ivanti Management Suite Configuration Center documentation.

To use Discovery Reconciliation

1.In the Administration section of the Workspaces navigation bar, click Discovery Reconciliation.

2.Under Available Rules, select the rules you want to reconcile by.

3.Click Move to Selected. The rules now appear under Active Rules.

Rules are performed in descending priority. The rule at the top of the Active Rules pane will always be referenced first before proceeding to the next rule. As soon as a matching rule is found, no other rules are processed.

We recommend using multiple rules, as this helps reduce the chance of duplicate data being created if a device's metadata changes, such as an IP address.

If a device fails all reconciliation tests, Ivanti Workspaces treats it as a new device and adds it to the current device database.