Accessing Office 365 subscription information

If your organization has an Office 365 subscription with Microsoft and you have the credentials for the Microsoft account managing that subscription, you can create an Office 365 Workspace gadget that shows your Office 365 subscriptions, their utilization, and users associated with each subscription.

This gadget uses a connector on the core server that contacts Microsoft's Office 365 account servers once a week to download your organization's account information.

To configure the Office 365 connector
  1. In Ivanti Workspaces, click Administration > Connectors.
  2. Click the Office 365 connector.

  3. If you see red error text about a missing module, as shown in the screenshot above, click the question mark next to the Cancel button. This will open a web page with information on fixing the error: Fix that error before moving on to step 4.
  4. Enter your Microsoft Office 365 account management credentials.
  5. Select the time and day that you want for the weekly sync. The sync typically takes less than five minutes.
  6. Click Save. The connector will make sure your credentials work. The sync will happen within an hour of the time you specify.

Once the connector is working you can create an Office 365 gadget. The amount of page space the gadget needs depends on how complex your organization's Office 365 subscription is. Large organizations may have a dozen or more subscriptions and you may need to resize the gadget to fit them all. You may even want to add a new dashboard just for the Office 365 gadget. Let's do that in the steps below.

To create an Office 365 dashboard and gadget
  1. In Ivanti Workspaces, click Administration > Dashboard Designer.
  2. Let's add a dashboard to the Asset Manager Workspace. Next to Asset Manager, click Add.

  3. Click Add New Gadget.
  4. Click Chart.
  5. Click Office 365.
  6. Click Office 365 Subscription.
  7. Enter a gadget name and subheading. Change the display type to Bullet, since bullet charts tend to work well with the subscription data types.

  8. Click OK.
  9. Resize the dashboard to fit your data and click Save Dashboard.
  10. Go to the Asset Manager Workspace and open your new dashboard.