Configuring Active Directory Discovery

This connector allows you to connect directly with your corporate Active Directory server to access device information and query it through Workspaces.

You can connect to multiple Active Directory services by creating multiple connectors for each server. You can likewise create multiple connectors for the same server if you wish to establish multiple scheduler times for redundancy.

Use of this connector is based on the assumption that integration between Active Directory and your core server is completed.

To add Active Directory for querying discovered devices

1.Navigate to Administration > Manage Connectors.

2.Click Add Connector and select Active Directory.

3.Select the newly-added Active Directory connector and click the Details tab.

4.Enter the Domain URL, Base DN, Exclude machines without activity in X days, Query, Username, and Password. To activate AD discovery querying, select Enabled. This connector communicates directly with your Active Directory database and not through an API, so you only need to add the database credentials.

5.Click Save to retain the settings.