Managing dashboards in Workspaces

You manage which users can access dashboards separately from the menu items that link to them. You specify which groups and roles can view each dashboard, and edit or delete dashboards using the Manage Dashboards component in the Administration menu group. You manage the links to dashboards that appear in the menu using the Manage Menu page, described in Managing the menu in Workspaces.

You cannot publish dashboards to named users. If you want to publish a dashboard to a specific user, the best practice is to create a role and add just that user to the role. Then, if that user leaves the organization or changes role within the organization, you can change the user associated with that role to update all of the publishing in one step.

The Manage Dashboards page lists all of the Workspaces dashboards in your system and indicates how many roles and groups the dashboard is published to. You can access the dashboard designer to create a new dashboard by clicking Add Dashboard at the top of the list.

Clicking alongside a dashboard displays a menu that enables you to set the home dashboards, edit the dashboard using the dashboard designer, set the publishing rules for the dashboard, or delete the dashboard.

The Add Dashboard and menu are not available on small screen sizes.

Home dashboards

You can use the Manage Dashboards page to set home pages for analysts and end-users. The End User Home dashboard and the Analyst Home dashboard are listed at the top of the page. You can remove a dashboard from being a home dashboard by clicking alongside the home dashboard link. For information about setting a group Home page, see User Management in Workspaces.

Only a dashboard that is published to all can be set as a home dashboard. If a dashboard is a home dashboard, you cannot undo its publishing.

End-users and analysts can access the End User Home dashboard by clicking the logo at the top left of the Workspaces window. Analysts can access the Analyst Home dashboard by clicking Home Dashboard under the Analyst Workspace menu group.

To set a home dashboard:
  1. Click alongside a dashboard that is published to all.
    A menu appears.
  2. Click Set as End User Home or Set as Analyst Home as required.

Publishing dashboards

You can control who can see a dashboard by publishing it to a set of groups and roles, or by publishing it to everyone. The procedure below describes how to publish to roles; publishing to groups is very similar.

To publish a dashboard to roles:
  1. Click alongside the dashboard that you want to publish, then click Publish to Roles.
    A panel appears from the right listing all of the available roles, with the roles that the dashboard is currently published to selected. You can filter the list by typing in the box above the list and pressing ENTER. You can display only the selected roles by clicking View Selected at the bottom of the list.
  2. Select and clear the check boxes as required, then click Save.
    The publishing rules are updated.

You can publish a dashboard to everyone by clicking Publish to all on the menu. Clicking Undo publish to all next to a dashboard that has been published to everyone returns the dashboard to being published to the previously selected roles and groups.