Managing the menu in Workspaces

Manage Menu in the Administration menu group enables you to add and delete menu items in the menu groups that appear on the left of the screen in Workspaces. Currently, the only menu items you can manage are those for dashboards.

The menu was previously referred to as the navigation bar.

You cannot add or delete menu items in the Administration group.

The publishing of dashboards and the management of the menu are maintained separately: the menu items are maintained using Manage Menu, and the publishing rules for dashboards are maintained using Manage Dashboards (see Managing dashboards in Workspaces). This means that you can now add a menu item for the same dashboard in multiple menu groups.

To add or remove items from the menu:
  1. In the Administration group, click Manage Menu.
    The Manage Menu page appears. It lists the menu items that are in each group.
  2. To delete an item from a menu group, click the x at the right of the row.
  3. To add an item to a group, click Add in the title row for the group that you want to add the item to.
    A panel appears that lists all of the available dashboards. You can filter the list by typing in the box above the list and pressing ENTER.
  4. Click the dashboard that you want to add a link to.
    The Menu Item Title updates to match the name of the selected dashboard.
  5. If required, edit the Menu Item Title.
  6. Click Save.
    The item is added to the menu.