Service Catalog

The services available to you in the Service Catalog in Workspaces are the same as those that are available from the standard Service Catalog, and also use the same processes for the request.

For more information about Service Catalog, including set up and configuration information, see the Service Catalog administration section of the Service Desk and Asset Manager help center.

To use Service Catalog in Workspaces:
  1. Click the Service Catalog group on the navigation bar.
    Service Catalog page appears.
    Service Catalog
  2. In the Search box, type the name of the service you are searching for, then click Search.
    The list of services updates.

You can use * to identify wildcards in these searches. Click to clear the search criteria and refresh the search results.

To see more information about a service, click it. To close this additional information, click .

  1. Click Request on the service that you require.
    The appropriate request window appears for you to complete.

If a service has no process associated with it, Request does not appear on the service.

For more information about using processes such as Requests in Workspaces, see Working with processes.

You can click Expand tree icon on the Browse Categories tree to expand the sub-categories, then click the required category to limit your search. Click All at the top of the tree to redisplay the top-level categories. Clicking one of these top-level categories displays the list of services in that category.
You can show and hide the Browse Categories tree by clicking .