What's New

Workspaces 2018.3

  • You can now associate home pages with groups in Workspaces, using the Manage Group Home Pages item under the Administration section of the Workspaces navigation bar. If a group has no home page associated with it, then there is no change to the previous functionality. However, if a group has a home page associated with it and a user currently in that group clicks Home, then the dashboard selected as the home page for that group appears.
  • If the Show Hyperlink property in Window Manager is set to True for the label of a related object on a process window (such as the Raise User label on the Incident window), a hyperlink appears on the window that you can click to access a related object. Clicking this hyperlink displays the read-only window for the related object above the current window. Click Cancel to close it.
  • You can now filter data grids in Workspaces to show results from a specific single date.

Workspaces 2018.1

Ivanti Service Desk and Asset Manager
  • Calendar gadgets on dashboards. You can now add Calendar gadgets to dashboards.

Workspaces 2017.3

Ivanti Service Desk and Asset Manager
  • Changing group. Analysts can now switch between their different groups using the icon at the top of the navigation bar.
  • Keyboard access. You can use the TAB key to move around a form, and use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate around a category control. To select the highlighted value in a category control, press TAB or ENTER.

Workspaces 2017.1

Service Catalog

Service Catalog The user interface for Service Catalog has been improved, and you can now set the order that items appear by setting a Catalog Order for a service.

Service Desk and Asset Manager. Several improvements have been made to Service Desk and Asset Manager features within Workspaces, such as with response levels, variation attributes, attribute templates, and dynamic windows. For more information, see the separate Service Desk and Asset Manager help center.