License Optimizer


License Optimizer provides full backup and restore functionality that includes both automated backups, and the ability to create manual backups. This ensures business continuity and user peace-of-mind: if anything happens to your data, or if a mistake is made in system usage, you can restore the system to a previous point.

You access the Backup / Restore Management page by selecting Backup/Restore under Administration on the navigation bar.

Backup / Restore Management page

Backups are held for 7 days maximum, or 24 backups in total. Once the maximum number of backups is reached, older backups are removed.

Backups are automatically run by the system once a day. You can create a manual backup by clicking Create Backup at the top right of the page.

Backups are listed in the data grid shown on the Backup / Restore Management page.

The Backup / Restore Management page data grid contains the following columns:

  • Restore point
    The date and time at which the backup was taken.
  • Type
    Whether the backup was an automatic backup (SYSTEM) or created by a user (USER).
  • Status
    Whether the backup has been restored, or is in progress (i.e. being created), the status will change from inactive to active.
  • Initiate Restore
    Clicking Initiate Restore restores the system to the point stated for the associated record. You are warned about the potential risks involved in restoring from a backup point; any data added or edited subsequent to the date of the restore point would be lost – potentially resulting in significant loss of work.
    In order to proceed with the restore, confirm that you wish to proceed by checking a check box to accept the risk and clicking Confirm; you may discontinue the restore action by clicking Cancel.

Backup / Restore Management page: Restore Warning pop-up screen

If you confirm a restore action, License Optimizer enters a 30 minute restore countdown period. During this time, all administrators are sent an e-mail advising them of the impending restore, and presenting them with an opportunity to cancel the restore. Anyone logging into the system, or already logged in, will be presented with an onscreen warning and a countdown to the restore.

If no appropriate administrators cancel the restore before the 30 minute countdown elapses, the restore starts automatically. All users will be forcibly logged out of the system and all users will remain locked out until the restore completes. The time taken to complete a restore varies depending on the volume of data in the account, but can range from a few minutes to several hours.

Restores cannot be canceled or undone once committed – only a further restore (to an alternative restore point) can be done.

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