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Manage Users

License Optimizer provides comprehensive access-control functionality, enabling administrators to create and manage system users with specific permissions. License Optimizer permits read and write permissions on all sections within the system.

The pages visible to a License Optimizer system user and the features that they are able to use depend on their access permissions. Clicking Manage Users under Administration on the navigation bar displays the Manage System Users page:

Manage System Users page

From this page, you can:

  • Create a new system user account
  • View existing system user accounts
  • Edit access permissions for existing system user accounts
  • Unlock accounts that have been locked because of multiple failed login attempts
  • Activate or deactivate an existing system user account
  • Delete a system user account

Creating new system user accounts

Clicking Create New User displays the New User dialog, which enables you to create a new system user account for License Optimizer:

Manage System Users page: New User pop-up screen

Complete the form with the details for the new system user:

  • Email / Username
    Set the user name to be the e-mail address of the new system user, as once the new system user account has been created License Optimizer sends an e-mail containing: a link to License Optimizer, the username, and a temporary password.
  • First name
  • Surname
  • Password and Confirm Password
    A default password for the new system user, which is e-mailed to the specified e-mail address upon creating the new system account. The user must change this password on first log-in. The two passwords must match and the password strength is indicated below the two fields.
  • Active
    If you clear the Active check box, the new system account is created but is not available for use until it is made active.
  • Account Type
    You can specify whether the new system user account is a Standard User account or an Admin account using the Account Type drop-down. Upon selecting either option, the permissions pane appears on the right of the New User dialog.

Manage System Users page: Permissions pane

If you select Admin, all permissions and business units are available to the new account and the user can amend permissions or business units. Selecting Standard User enables you to select business units and set permissions for the new account.

  • Business Units
    For Standard User system user accounts, use this drop-down list to specify which business unit(s) the new account can access.
  • Permissions pane
    For Standard User system user accounts, use this pane to specify areas of License Optimizer that the user has read and/or write access for.

Viewing existing system user accounts

All existing system user accounts are shown on the Manage System Users page in the System Users data grid. This data grid provides sorting and filtering functionality as with other data grids in License Optimizer. For more information on data grids, see Grids. For each entry in the System Users data grid, you can see the username, account type, account creation date, last login date and the account status (whether the account is active or has been deactivated).

Unlocking user accounts

If a user enters their password incorrectly too many times, their account is locked for 30 minutes. However, License Optimizer administrators can unlock any locked accounts by selecting Unlock from the in-line gears menu for the affected user.

Activating or deactivating system user accounts

Deactivating a system user account does not delete it from the system, because it may have associated actions and ownerships linked to it that are critical for accurate calculations and auditing. Instead, deactivating a system user account makes the account inactive, preventing logging in using the account.

You can activate or deactivate accounts by selecting Activate or Deactivate from the associated in-line gears menu.

Editing system user accounts

To edit a system user account, click Edit from the gears menu alongside the system user account you want to edit. The Edit User dialog appears, which contains the same fields as the New User pop-up screen.

Manage System Users page: Edit User pop-up screen

Edit the fields as required, then click OK.

To reset the password for the selected system user account, click Send Password Reset to User.

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