License Optimizer


The Preferences page enables you to:

  • Configure your account
  • Adjust log-in settings
  • Manage alerts

To access the Preferences page, click Preferences under Administration in the navigation bar.

The Preferences page comprises three tabs:

My Account tab

Preferences page: My Account tab

This tab enables you to set:

  • Personal Details (First name, Surname, Currency and Language)
  • Password
  • Secret question and answer (used if you lose your password)

Settings tab

Preferences page: Settings tab

This tab enables you to:

  • Choose to use duo two-factor authentication when logging in
  • Select the License Optimizer page that is shown when you log in

Alerts tab

Preferences page: Alerts tab

This tab enables you to configure automated alerts, which notify you (and/or other identified people) via an e-mail about changes within License Optimizer. You can configure alerts to alert about changes related to:

  • Compliance
  • Entitlement
  • Hardware Count
  • Liability
  • Shortfall
  • Surplus
  • Unapproved Installs

For more information on alerts, see Alerts.

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