License Optimizer

Accessing License Optimizer

You access License Optimizer using a web browser, with all transactions using https to ensure that data and information are always protected. Contact your supplier for your URL.

Login process

To access License Optimizer, you need a Username and Password from Ivanti. When you first log in, you must change your password and provide an answer to a secret question used for password resets.

Your password must contain at least eight characters and include letters and numbers:

  • Enter and confirm the new password
  • Select the preferred secret question, enter and confirm the answer
  • Click Submit

You are prompted to log in using your new password.

The Username and Password are both case sensitive.

Resetting your password

You can reset your password from the login screen.

To reset your password from the login screen:

  1. Click Forgotten Password.
    You are prompted to enter your username and pass a textual CAPTCHA challenge.
  2. Click Next.
    You are prompted with your selected secret question.
  3. Enter the answer and click Next.
    License Optimizer e-mails the address stored for the account with instructions for resetting the password.

The e-mail contains a link that guides you through the password reset process. You need to confirm your username, pass a textual CAPTCHA challenge, confirm your previously provided secret answer, and then enter and confirm a new password. You are then prompted to log in using the newly reset password.

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