License Optimizer


License Optimizer displays data in grids so that you can easily see large volumes of information. This topic describes how to navigate, filter, export data from, and expand a pane to see more information.

Hardware grid

  1. Column Menu – provides the following commands:

Clear All Filters

Export To CSV, Export to Excel – sub-menu options enable you to export all data or just the filtered dataset.
For information on exporting data, see Exporting Data.

Reset Columns – resets the columns to the defaults for the current page.

Columns – enables you to add or remove columns from the data grid. Arrows at the bottom or top of the sub-menu enable you to scroll to see further columns.

  1. Column Header – describes the type of content in the column. Clicking the column header toggles sorting by that column. Right-click the column header to display the Column menu.
  2. Filter Box – enables you to filter the content in a column by typing in the box and either clicking the filter button or pressing ENTER.
  3. Filter Options – clicking the filter button displays a standard list of Boolean search criteria, enabling you to further refine your search filter.
  4. Expand Entry – where applicable, a small arrow appears at the start of a row to indicate that there are sub-rows that you can display by clicking the arrow.
  5. Pagination – with large data sets, the content appears over multiple pages. Click the page numbers or arrows to move between the pages.
  6. Page size – enables you to configure the number of records displayed on a single page. The default value is 10.

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