License Optimizer

Overview Sections

Overview Sections are available at the top of specific pages within License Optimizer including the Software page, Hardware page and the Entitlement pages.

These are customizable sections that enable you to add tiles related to the data on each specific page. These tiles enable you to create a dashboard for the data on that page.

Overview Sections are displayed in their contracted state by default when no tiles have been selected. You can expand and contract an overview section using the arrow icons at the right of the pane.

Overview Section pane

You add tiles to a section by clicking to the left of the arrow icon to display the Select Tile dialog:

Select Tile pop-up screen

The Select Tile dialog shows the tiles that are relevant to the current page. You can add or remove tiles from the overview section by selecting or clearing the tile option on the Select Tiles dialog. Clicking Clear clears all selected tiles. When you have selected the required tiles, click OK to return to the current page and see the selected tiles within the overview section.

Entitlement Overview Section

Hover over a data point to display a caption containing details of the data point. Click the caption (or on a datapoint) to open a new window that displays the Tile Drill-down page, which provides the detailed data behind the overview data shown in the tile. This detail view displays data line items in a grid and provides analysis functionality. For more information on the Tile Drill-down page, see Tile drill-down pages.

License Optimizer retains user preferences for overview sections so that you can navigate away from the page containing the overview section and return to the page with the same tiles retained.

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