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Custom Filters

Custom filters enable you to quickly display a subset of data that meets pre-defined criteria for Business Units. When you have created a custom filter, you can apply it to any page that has the filter bar. This saves time, because you don't need to define the filter each time you use it.

To create a new custom filter:

1.Click Custom Filters under Configuration on the navigation bar.
The Custom Filters page appears.

Custom Filters page

2.Click Add New Filter.
The Custom Filter dialog appears.

3.Enter a Filter Name for the custom filter.

4.Click the Business Unit drop-down.
The Business Units tree appears.

5.Select the required business units for the custom filter, then click OK.
The new custom filter appears in the list of custom filters.

You can edit or delete custom filters by clicking the gears menu for the relevant list entry on the list.

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