License Optimizer

Software Library

Underpinning License Optimizer is a comprehensive library of software packages that are used to match against software inventory data and license data. You use the License Optimizer Software Library for many tasks including:

  • Searching for existing products and creating new products
  • Specify a vendor owner or product owner for the organization
  • Investigating how a product is configured or customizing a product
  • Adding a product to a bundle of software or suite of software
  • Creating product paths
  • Assigning SKUs, pricing, and / or metrics to a product
  • Allocate products to a product category (or product categories) and / or Software Lifecycle Stage
  • Configuring license calculation setting for OSI environments

To view the Software Library page, click Software Library under Configuration on the navigation bar.

Software Library page

At the top of the page:

  • Select the Display Licensable Products Only check box to filter out any non-licensable software shown in the page.
  • Use the Last Selected drop-down list to navigate to products you have previously viewed.
  • Click to refresh the data displayed on the page.

The rest of the Software Library page is split into two panels: the Selection panel and the Detail panel.

Selection panel

The Selection panel has three panes: Vendors, Products, and Items. There are navigation controls at the bottom of each pane so you can navigate through pages of records in large data sets, and filter controls at the top of each pane. The Library drop-down list boxes at the top of each pane also enable you to filter the results in that pane by including items from the Global library, your own library, or Both.

Vendors, products and items can be either Global Library records (created by Ivanti and provided with License Optimizer), or customer Library records (created by you).

Selecting a vendor in the Vendors pane refreshes the list in the Products pane to display only products for the selected vendor. Selecting a product in the Products pane refreshes the Items list to display only items for the selected product. In this way, you can select the software item that you are interested in.

You can add a new vendor, product or item record by clicking Add New from the appropriate gears menu above each of the panes.

IMPORTANT: Always check that there is no existing record in the Software Library before you create new records to avoid creating duplicate records.

Detail panel

The Detail panel displays data relevant to the selection in the Selection panel. You can lock the Detail panel selecting the Lock Detail Panel check box at the top right of the Detail pane. This is useful when creating or editing paths, bundles or suites.

The Detail panel comprises a number of tabs:

You may not edit Global Library records.

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