License Optimizer


Software information is a key component of License Optimizer, recorded on the following pages:

  • Software
  • Resource Usage
  • Software Users
  • Software Metering

You can either import Software information into License Optimizer or add it manually. For information on how to import software data, see Data Import.

To view software records:

1.Click Software under Estate Management on the navigation bar.
The Software page appears. Initially, this page is blank.

2.Use the filter bar towards the top of the page to select the Business Units, vendors and products, license types, or software categories that you are interested in.

The page updates to show two tabs, one for software that has been discovered on OSIs, and one for software that is not assigned to an OSI. You can search or filter the list. Any searches or filtering is applied both to the Assigned to OSIs tab and the Unassigned to OSIs tab.

See also

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