License Optimizer

Developing a Microsoft ELP

The diagram below details the recommended approach for developing ELPs within License Optimizer with additional guidance for developing Microsoft ELPs. Clicking the highlighted sections in the diagram to access the related section of the help.

Add Install-based Inventory

Import, or manually create install-based inventory

Check Software Teaching for new or unrecognized products

Run recognition



For Microsoft, check:

  • Virtual Machine-to-host relationships
  • Cluster configurations
  • Core counts and CPU counts



Is install-based inventory complete?












Add usage-based inventory

Import, or manually create, usage-based inventory







For CALs, manually add the CAL count in the Unassigned to OSIs tab on the Software page


For MSDN, see MSDN Inventory

Is usage-based inventory complete?













Add License data

Import, or manually create, entitlement

Match entitlement to DSL

Check metrics and paths
(Downgrades, maintenance, etc)







Is entitlement complete?













Run reconciliation













Data Summary







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