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Software Teaching: Status page

When software data is imported, License Optimizer has to understand exactly what software the data relates to. License Optimizer lists all known products in the License Optimizer Software Library. All software data has to be matched to a product listed in the Software Library or it will not be included in reconciliation.

Software Teaching Status page

You access the Software Teaching Status page by clicking Software Teaching under Tools on the navigation bar.

Run Recognition

After you have completed Software Teaching from the Software Teaching page, you run the recognition process to ensure the affected software records are validated and other parts of License Optimizer are updated. To run recognition, click Run Recognition; you are prompted to confirm that you want to proceed.

Recognition may take some time to complete.

You also need to run recognition after imports have completed against data sources where you have chosen to clear the Run recognition after import check box.

Status pane

The top pane shown on the Software Teaching page is the Status pane.

Software Teaching Status page: Status pane

This pane shows the current recognition status across all data sources. It provides totals for the number of recognized records and unrecognized records, a percentage for the recognition accuracy and the current recognition status (i.e. whether recognition is currently running).

Data Sources pane

Software Teaching Status page: Data Sources pane

The Data Sources pane lists all of the data sources that have been successfully imported. Each data source appears as a tile with the data source name, the tool name, the date of the most recent import, and information about recognition for the data source:

Software Teaching Status page: Data Source tile

The four icons shown on the tile indicate:

The number of rows imported in the latest import for the data source.

The number of items recognized.

The number of items not recognized.

The Data Source Type (see below for more information).

The filter text box enables you to filter the data sources pane on data source name, data source type, or last import date. Alternatively, you can use the Data Source Type toggle switches:

Software Teaching Status page: Data Source Type toggle switches

The Data Source Type toggle switches filter the data sources shown on the Data Sources pane. The toggle switches are all set to the On (green) position by default. Clicking a toggle switch in the On position switches it to the Off (red) position, which hides all data sources of that Data Source Type.

When you have identified the data source for which you want to perform software teaching, click the associated tile to display the Software Teaching page where you can complete software teaching. For more information, see Software Teaching.

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