Oracle install-based inventory

For Oracle, we recommend you check imported or manually created install-based inventory, especially the following:

All Production, test and development environments are recorded (including standby and mirrored environments) as described in the below documents:

CPU type, CPU count, and Cores per CPU must be recorded correctly.

Ensure hyperthreading (if used) is recorded.

For soft-partitioned environments:

Ensure Virtual Machine-to-Host and hypervisor relationships and data are recorded for all hypervisor virtualized environments (e.g. Xen Server, Hyper-V).

Ensure vSphere ESX-to-vCenter relationships, editions and versions are recorded for VMware environments.

For hard-partitioned environments:

Ensure that the correct partition types are specified.

Ensure that data fields for partitions are populated.
Also see for further information.

For cloud environments:

Ensure you record where an Oracle “Authorized Cloud Environment” is being used and/or other cloud types. We recommend that separate business units are used for different cloud environments.