The Renewals tab on the Licenses & Contracts page lists the licenses and contracts that are due for renewal within the next 120 days, with the most imminent renewal displayed first. The licenses grid appears at the top of the tab, with the contracts grid underneath it.

Licenses grid

The Allocated Licenses column shows how many licenses were allocated at the last reconciliation. This is calculated as the license quantity minus the surplus. The key for this column is:

– 0-25% of licenses are allocated

– 25-50% of licenses are allocated

– 50-75% of licenses are allocated

– 75-100% of licenses are allocated

The Days Left column indicates the number of days left until the license or contract end date. This is calculated as the current date minus the license Available To or contract Valid To date. The key for this column is:

– 0-29 days left

– 30-59 days left

– 60-89 days left

– 100-120 days left

The Recommendation column recommends how many licenses you should renew based on the Allocated Licenses data.