A cluster is a set of computers that are connected. Cluster information is important because some products require an entire cluster to be licensed if that product is installed on any part of the cluster. The cluster name field appears in the hardware grid and shows any cluster that an OSI is related to.

An OSI can only belong to one cluster. A cluster can contain one or more OSIs.

Clusters appear in the hardware grid on the Clusters tab. You can view existing clusters, OSIs that belong to a cluster, and any Cluster Management Software that a cluster is assigned to.

Clusters tab

Click the expand arrow next to a cluster name to show any OSIs that are installed on that cluster.

To assign one or more clusters to Cluster Management Software, select the clusters, then click Assign Cluster Management Software on the gear menu. A dialog appears, enabling you to select the name and type of Cluster Management Software to assign.

You can also see cluster structures on the Cluster Groups tab of the Hardware Groups pane. This shows the relationships between OSIs and clusters, and can also be used to create clusters and add OSIs to a cluster. For more information on the Hardware Groups pane, see Hardware.