Tooltips for the columns in the General license template. For more information, see Importing data.

AvailableStartDate – The date that the license is available from (DD/MM/YYYY), if perpetual leave blank

Business Owner – The business unit that purchased the license

Contract Description – The source of the entitlement e.g. OEM/FPP, Oracle ULA, Microsoft ELA, IBM Passport Advantage

Contract Number – The contract/agreement policy number

Cost – The cost of a single license

Cost Per Year – If subscription/term/maintenance-based, enter the total yearly cost

Currency Code – The currency code

Downgradable – Does the license have rights to cover older versions?

Email Ids for Reminder – Provide the email addresses for the persons you wish to be notified with the reminder

EntitlementType – The type of entitlement: Base = License Only, Maintenance = see Maintenance Type, Upgrade = for an upgrade from an earlier version

ExpiryDate – The date that the license is no longer available to use (DD/MM/YYYY), if perpetual leave blank

Is Level License – The license can be applied only to a parent Business Unit and cannot be used by any subsequent child business unit

License Location – The Business Unit that can use the license; if global enter the company name as shown in License Optimizer, otherwise enter the Business Unit(s) separated with ';'

MaintenanceEndDate – If the Entitlement Type is Maintenance, enter when the maintenance/support expires (DD/MM/YYYY)

MaintenanceStartDate – If the Entitlement Type is Maintenance, enter when the maintenance/support starts (DD/MM/YYYY)

MaintenanceTypeBase = license with maintenance, Renewal = maintenance/support only renewed, qualifying maintenance base must be in License Optimizer for a renewal to be applied

Metric – Select the metric that the license is calculated on e.g. Microsoft - Per Core

MS Software Assurance – Is this license is covered with Microsoft Software Assurance?

PO Number – The purchase order number for this license

PurchaseDate – The date the license was purchased

PurchaseDescription – Free text describing the license purchased e.g. Office 2016 Professional Plus

PurchaseQty – The number of licenses purchased, if unlimited leave blank and complete the column Unlimited Qty

Renewal Event Reminder – State when you would like to be reminded that the license is due to expire and may require renewal

SKU – If available, enter the SKU or Part Number for this product

Supplier – The supplier of the license e.g. Microsoft, IBM, Adobe

Total Cost – Cost multiplied by Purchase Quantity

Unique ID – Free text field, give the license(s) a unique ID to enable you to search and perform batch processing in the future

Unlimited Qty – Do you have an unlimited quantity of this license?

Valid For – Who has the right to use the license(s): BusinessUnit, User, OSI

Valid For NamesUser = User names, OSI = Device names, BusinessUnit = Business Unit names