Software Library page: Pricing tab

The Pricing tab on the Detail panel of the Software Library page displays the pricing associated with the selected item.

Software Library page: Pricing tab

The Pricing tab comprises two sub-tabs:

Price Lists sub-tab

The Price Lists sub-tab displays price lists that have been created in License Optimizer. You can filter the price lists that are shown using the By selected Edition/Version, By selected Vendor, By selected Product, or No filter option buttons.

To create a new price list:

1.Click New Price List from the gears menu on the Price Lists sub-tab.
The Add Price List dialog appears.

2.Enter a Name and select the Currency for the price list.

3.If you want the path to be active, select the Active check box.

4.Click Add.
The price list is added.

Double-click a price list to edit it, or click Trash icon alongside a price list to delete it. Deleting a price list also deletes its associated prices.


To see the prices within a price list, click the arrow icon to its left in the Price List data grid to display the Prices expansion pane.

Pricing tab - Prices expansion pane

Double-click an entry in the Prices expansion pane to edit a price, or click alongside a price to delete it.

Pricing Rules sub-tab

Pricing tab - Pricing Rules sub-tab

The Pricing Rules sub-tab displays pricing rules that have been created in License Optimizer in a data grid. You can navigate the data grid using the navigation controls at the bottom of the sub-tab or filter the pricing rules shown in the data grid by selecting from the Filter By options.

To create a new pricing rule:

1.Click New Pricing Rule from the gears menu on the Pricing Rules sub-tab.
The Add Rule dialog appears.
Pricing tab - Add Rule pop-up screen

2.The Vendor, Product, and Version fields are already completed based on the item selected in the Selection panel at the top of the Software Library page. Click the x icons alongside any of these you want to remove.

3.If you want to restrict a pricing rule to a specific business unit, select it from the Business Unit drop-down list.
The pricing rule is also applied to any child business units of the selected business unit.

4.If you want to restrict a pricing rule by metric, select it from the Metric drop-down list.

5.Under Pricing, select the required option:

Fixed – enables you to specify a fixed price and select a currency. Select the Subscription Cost check box to specify that the entered price is a subscription cost.

Formula – enables you to specify the Aggregate function to be used (MIN = minimum, MAX = maximum or AVG = average), and specify an applied Discount.
If you do not want to use the default price lists, clear the Use default price lists check box. You can then specify which price lists should be used by using the arrow buttons to move prices lists from the list of Available Price Lists to the list of Rule Price Lists.

Double-click a pricing rule in the Pricing Rules data grid to edit it, or click alongside a pricing rule to delete it.