Creating a new data export

This page describes how to create a new data export.

To create a new data export:

1. Click Data Export under Data Management on the menu bar.
The Data Export List page appears.

2.Click Add New at the top of the Data Export List page.
The Add/Edit Data Export page appears.

Add/Edit Data Export page

3.Enter a Export Data Name for the data export, then select the Source Data that you want to export from License Optimizer. Choose from:

Assumptions & Recommendations

Data Summary


Reconciled Software

The Columns pane updates to show columns that will be exported in the data.

4.In the Export Type drop-down list, select the type of export from:


REST API – ServiceNow

SOAP – ServiceNow

The fields in the Columns pane update with the pre-defined target column names.

5.Verify the target column names and amend them if they are not correct.

Example showing updated Columns pane

6.If you want the data export to run automatically whenever a reconciliation completes, select the Run Export After Reconciliation check box.
You can also schedule data exports as described later.

7.Complete the fields on the Target Details tab to specify details for the target platform.

You must configure the target platform to allow data to be imported (using appropriate credentials if required) and you must complete the Target Details tab correctly before data exports can succeed.

You can now schedule data exports.

8.Click the Schedule tab and select the Schedule check box.
The Schedule fields appear.

9.Enter a Start Date.

10.Select a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly recurrence and specify the required recurrence time frame.

11.Specify either no end date, a number of occurrences, or an end date for the schedule.

12.Click Save.
The new data export is saved.