Creating a new scenario model: Result stage

To see the results of a scenario, click Run at the Result stage.

As scenario modelling uses the reconciliation process, the time required to calculate a scenario can vary between a few minutes and a few hours.

License Optimizer uses a current reconciliation (if one exists) or generates a new reconciliation as a baseline for the scenario model.

License Optimizer then runs a new reconciliation using the modelled values in order to determine the output.

Results are show across the following categories:

  • Cost to Service Upfront
  • Costs of Service Recurring
  • Cost of Change
  • Compliance
  • License Cost
  • Exposure
  • Shortfall
  • Surplus
  • Cost Analysis
  • Asset Value
  • Potential Savings/Costs over 12 months
  • Budget vs Scenario calculated costs

These categories appear as tiles that you may expand to display graphical information and data relating to the scenario model.

Results stage - Result Category tiles

The Info tile contains an Export to Project button, which you may click to create a new project entry in the Project Tracking page. This enables you to view scenario key metrics such as hardware count or software count, and also enables you to track a scenario using real data if the scenario proceeds to implementation. For more information on the Project Tracking page, see Project Tracking.