Maintenance Streams

Click the View Stream link for the required reconciliation in the Reconciliations data grid to display the Maintenance Streams page, which outlines the paths for a selected version of a product and what was calculated within the chosen reconciliation.

Maintenance Streams page

To examine a maintenance stream:

1.Click All Vendors/Products at the top of the page.
The Select Product dialog appears.

2.Expand the tree and select the product version that you want to see the maintenance stream for, then click Apply Now.
The page updates to display data for the selected product version across a number of sections in the page.

Options section

Maintenance Streams page: Options section

The Options section enables you to choose the date scale, filter data by license or date and change how the Gantt chart in the Maintenance Streams section is displayed using the Layout buttons.

Maintenance Streams section

Maintenance Streams page: Maintenance Streams section

This section displays licenses in a Gantt chart with the product release dates shown with green markers at the top of the chart. Each license is shown in a line below the product release dates line: the maintenance dates appear in the first column; the license quantity and maintenance type (for example base license, renewal, reinstatement) are shown on the blue period entry for each license and these represent the dates between which the license is active (between the maintenance start and end dates).

Products section

Maintenance Streams page: Products section

The Products section shows a table listing the products in the maintenance stream from earliest release date to latest. If there are any issues with any of the release dates, License Optimizer highlights them for review in this section.

Licenses section

Maintenance Streams page: Licenses section

This section provides details on the maintenance license selected from the Gantt chart. By default, the first maintenance license entry is displayed. Click other maintenance license entries in the Gantt chart to view information about them. For each entry selected, the licenses section displays:

  • the license description
  • the maintenance start and end dates
  • whether the license was used (assigned) in the reconciliation
  • the maintenance license type
  • the action taken with this license in the selected reconciliation
  • the license quantity
  • the license quantity assigned
  • the license quantity remaining after reconciliation was completed

Click the link in the Description column to display the Edit License page for the selected license.