Reclaiming licenses using Ivanti Service Manager

If you have Ivanti Service Manager (either cloud or on-premise) and the Ivanti Neurons platform, you can configure your system to enable you to log Incidents in Service Manager to request the removal of unused software directly from the Software page in License Optimizer.

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Configuring the connection to Service Manager

Before you can log an incident in Service Manager from the Software Page in License Optimizer, you need to configure the connection to Service Manager.

Logging an Incident in Service Manager from License Optimizer

When you have configured the connection to Service Manager, you can log incidents from the Software page of License Optimizer to request the removal of a software title where a reclamation opportunity has been identified. To learn more about how License Optimizer identifies opportunities to remove software, see Identifying license reclamation opportunities.

To log an Incident in Service Manager to request the reclamation of software:

1.On the menu bar, under Estate Management, click Software.
The empty Software page appears.

2.In the filter bar towards the top of the page, click Vendors/Products.
The Select Vendors, Products and Editions dialog appears.

3.From the tree, select the vendor you are interested in, then click Apply Now.
The list updates to show only software from the selected vendor.

4.Identify an item of software that you want to reclaim and where a Reclamation Chance has been identified.
You can log reclamation tickets only for items where a reclamation chance has been identified.

5.In the Reclamation column for the item you want to reclaim, click Create.
A message is sent to Service Manager to log a reclamation ticket using the values you specified on the Preferences page, and the value in the Reclamation column changes to Requested.
When the Incident has been successfully logged in Service Manager, the value in the Reclamation column changes to show the Incident ID when you reload the page.
If Service Manager does not successfully log an Incident, the value in the Reclamation column changes to Failed when you reload the page. Click this link to see more information about why the ticket creation failed.