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Setting up users

The Xtraction administrator is responsible for creating new Xtraction users or viewing a list of all registered users to edit individual user settings. Settings include privileges, group participation, variables, and passwords.

"Registered users" refers to the number of users defined in the Xtraction user database that are active as opposed to inactive.

To display the user list

1.At bottom of the application window, click the Administration > User Administration link.

2.Click the User Administration tab to display the user list.

At the top of the dialog, you can use the Search box to search for specific users. Type a text string, then press Enter to refresh the list and display any users that match your text entry. You can also limit the display to Active users only.

To temporarily suppress a user’s access privileges, right-click a name and select Make inactive.

Creating or editing users

Once created, you can't delete a user, nor can you change a user's username. You can, however, right-click a name and select Make inactive to temporarily suppress a user's access privileges.

Changing the Local authentication password and authentication method

If Local authentication is used, users can change their own Xtraction credentials by clicking the Profile > Change Password link at the bottom of the page. Note that for Local authentication, usernames are not case sensitive but passwords are.

If users are using Local authentication, but you want to enable Windows authentication for them as well, you can do so from Xtraction.

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